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Project Profiles

Featured are projects that highlight ICE's depth of experience set within the backdrop of Landmark Buildings and Historic Renovation Projects.

ICE has twenty plus years of experience in all facets of traditional, institutional, and commercial construction projects and what has set us apart are the Landmark and Historic Preservation services we provide. Many of these projects required us to perform the work in situations within publicly accessible occupied spaces that required phasing and close coordination with the Client. These projects required, besides the traditional skills of any construction project, a thorough knowledge and appreciation for preservation standards as defined in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. The projects featured here are those in which ICE has performed the majority of work with our in-house talent.

Within these project profiles are projects where the work is not just confined to architectural additions and restoration but also repairs and upgrades to the structure and to the various components of the building such as mechanical and electrical systems.