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Construction Management Overview

ICE presents its Construction Management Services (CMS) team to help address the sophisticated management needs of today's construction projects. Acting as the key pivot between owner administration, planning and design, and construction, CMS partners with the various entities to get a successful project built. Growing as a division of a general construction and design-build firm, CMS is acutely aware of all the processes that go into a construction project. Architect, engineer, and contractor expectations must be recognized and addressed at the earliest stages to ensure a harmonious team effort. CMS with its resources of in-house architects and engineers can actively participate in providing design and construction solutions as opposed to being merely a bureaucratic appendage. CMS can effectively integrate its services from the earliest stages of concept and planning to commissioning and final occupancy of the project.

CMS analyzes the work flow and needs of a project and using this insight puts in place staff and technology to improve communication and assist all parties in meeting their goals. CMS firmly believes the key to project success is planning and the effective use of scheduling tools. We help build and monitor schedules that work! The schedule becomes the common document with which all other site and offsite activities including submittal reviews, quality and safety planning, are seamlessly integrated into the construction. We can also provide training and education in key aspects of managing design and construction, promoting long-term growth and development within your organization. CMS has over 30 years of experience in the construction management industry. Our staff of construction professionals is trained in both the academic and field aspects of operation. Our team is proven and prepared to assist owners in achieving successful project starts, operation, recovery, and completion.

Revolutionizing the construction management industry, CMS offers data management services. CMS has the capability to provide you with up-to-the-minute project information. We have partnered with several technology consultants specializing in construction project management, to offer enhanced technology capabilities. Utilizing Prolog or similar on-line software programs specifically designed for the construction industry, information regarding a specific project can be retrieved from any place that the Internet can be accessed. We can customize and support this online system to fit project specific needs. The entire construction team will be able to quickly and easily access project information vital to the success of the effort. We can manage your data, so you can manage your project.