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Paul Cherbaka, P.E.

Paul Cherbaka, P.E.

Team Leader
Senior Structural Engineer

Paul is a registered professional engineer in New York and New Jersey with over fifteen years of experience in building design and infrastructure inspection and repairs. His experience has increased IDEA's ability to offer structural evaluation and engineering services, as well as to offer follow up services for construction phase inspections.

Paul has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and is certified as a NYSDOT Bridge Inspection Team Leader. Paul is accomplished academically and also street savvy in tackling the complex issues of inspecting, repairing and maintaining the infrastructure systems consisting of bridges, tunnels, and other related facilities. With IDEA and ICE’s already strong presence in historic structures evaluation and repair design, the skills Paul adds will be invaluable. He has received certification for completing the Army Corp Quality Control Program for Contractors.