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Veterans Administration Hospital
East Orange, New Jersey

Scope of Work:
  • Design/Build of the Old Lobby restoration
  • Cleaning, pointing, and stone patching
  • Fabricate and install new limestone and granite to match existing coping and walkway stones
  • Remove deteriorated granite steps, and rebuild steps and landing
  • Patch and waterproof deck
  • Reconstruction of parapet walls and install new railings at 13th floor level
  • New standing seam copper flashing at inside of parapets
  • Cut over 3,000 ln. ft. of expansion joints at building corners
  • Damaged brick removal and reconstruction throughout building

Owner Contact:
VA Hospital Center, East Orange - Bill Cosentino

Engineer(s): Design/Build by Integrated Construction and Marty Blender, AIA


Job Description:

This very demanding project involves making extensive masonry repairs to various elements of the building. One portion of the work was done design/build and Integrated prepared a conditions assessment report along with conducting field investigations of the problem areas. Some of the challenges faced included effectively dissembling 400 pound coping stones and demolishing foot and a half thick parapet walls on the 13th floor. Integrated achieved this work using a combination of swing stage scaffolding and specialized hydraulic lifting devices. Always working closely with the Client and Architect, Integrated has sought to address additional necessary work items while eliminating concern in others, the trade off resulting in minimal cost increase to the Client. We anticipant completion of this project 4 months ahead of schedule.

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