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Pershing Barracks - West Point Military Academy
New York

Scope of Work:
  • Rebuild granite parapet walls
  • Masonry cleaning of entire building
  • Replace lead cover joints
  • Replace thru wall flashing
  • Dutchmen and stone patching

Owner Contact:
Army Corps of Engineers - John Campy

Engineer(s): Einhorn, Yaffee, & Prescott c/o Owner


Job Description:

Pershing Barracks is one of the buildings at the National Historic site of West Point Military Academy. The building was built about 100 years ago and had experienced serious damage to its granite parapets and walls. The work of rebuilding the damaged sections involved careful cataloging of the position of all stones dismantled. The mortar was mixed to be an exact match in color and composition to the original mortar. Heavy crane work was involved in lifting the stones, some in excess of 4,000 pounds. All work described was done with Integrated's own skilled crews.

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