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Absecon Lighthouse
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Scope of Work:
  • Engineered scaffolding
  • Selective demolition and lead abatement
  • Stone and masonry restoration and cleaning
  • Metal fabrications & casting restoration
  • Wood restoration & doors and windows
  • Painting and coatings
  • Fresnel lens restoration
  • Electrical lighting, fire, security, and alarm systems

Owner Contact:
State of New Jersey Division of Parks - Sally Birdsall

Engineer(s): Watson and Henry Associates - Sally Birdsall


Job Description:

The Absecon Lighthouse is a 19th century lighthouse on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. There was severe corrosion of metals at the lantern level and the masonry joints were deteriorated throughout. Integrated engineered and helped install a tubular scaffold structure enclosing the lighthouse. After the lead based coatings were removed from the exterior and the interior of the lighthouse, the masonry structure was selectively repointed. Several of the corroded metal castings were replaced with new castings. New windows and doors were installed and the structure received new coatings. The Fresnel lens assembly was disassembled, transported to the ground, cleaned and then reinstalled. A new electrical lighting, fire alarm, and security system was installed, and new security grills were added. With the help of a team of specialized subcontractors, Integrated was able to produce the finished product.

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