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The Peter Van Ness House
236 Little Falls Road, Fairfield, New Jersey

Scope of Work:
  • Underpin existing floor framing
  • Restore and reinforce existing heavy timber framing at first floor
  • Mechanically raise and level structure, and repair cracks in interior plaster
  • Construct new porch with cedar shake roofing to match existing style of construction

Owner Contact:
Town of Fairfield - Larry Gannello

Engineer(s): Paul De Massi


Job Description:

The Peter Van Ness House is an 18th-century home on the State Historic Register. Over the years, the foundation of the house had sunk to a point where the floors were sloping badly and the interior plaster walls were badly cracked. Integrated constructed new footings and strengthened the existing floor framing to re-support the entire building. Then using multiple jacks off of manifolds to control jacking stresses while leveling the building, the structure was raised. A new porch was constructed to match the existing structure using materials of the original structure's era. Integrated's expertise in structural rehabilitation and underpinning was put to good use thus effecting the repairs without damaging the building.

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