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First Presbyterian Church of Salem
88 Market Street, Salem, New Jersey

Scope of Work:
  • Engineered construction rigging, lifting and scaffolding
  • Heavy timber construction and restoration
  • Rough and finish carpentry, including exterior wood reconstruction and restoration
  • Sheet metal roofing
  • Wood shingle roofing
  • Brick masonry restoration

Owner Contact:
Salem First Presbyterian Church - Janet Sheridan

Engineer(s): Watson and Henry Associates - Michael C. Henry


Job Description:

The Salem Presbyterian Church is a 19th Century church on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Over the years, the belfry portion of the church steeple had deteriorated to such an extent that steel shoring had been provided to prevent the structure from collapsing. On this very unique and complicated project, Integrated rigged and removed intact the 15 ton spire and 22 ton belfry from the church tower and set them on the ground. Integrated then constructed a new belfry by replicating the existing belfry. Significant repairs were made to the spire as well including new shingles. An elaborate steel tie down structure also had to be built and installed within the tower to hold down the new belfry and spire. After reconstruction and painting, Integrated rigged and reinstalled the spire and belfry on to the church tower. The structure was secured with the new tie-down assembly. Integrated's in-house engineering and expertise in structural restoration, carpentry and sheet metal work was put to good use in delivering an excellent finished product.

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